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Reporting a Claim

Have you been involved in an automobile accident?

File Your Auto Claim Online Here

Before you start you will need:

  • The plate number of the vehicle for which you are submitting the claim
  • The vehicle owner’s customer number from the registration
  • The driver’s customer number and date of birth (if not the owner of the vehicle)
  • Your auto policy number and the name of the insurance company that issued it
  • Information on the other vehicles, other drivers, and any witnesses involved in the accident
  • The police file number if it was reported to the police

DON’T file your automobile claim online if:

  • You need to report an injury claim – call your local SGI claims centre to speak to an injury adjuster
  • If your claim is for damage to only your vehicle’s windshield caused by an object being thrown up or falling from another vehicle, you don’t need to contact the SGI claims centre. Your auto body repair shop or auto glass repair shop will register a claim directly with SGI on your behalf. All other glass claims must be reported to the claims centre prior to visiting the repair shop. Please file the claim using the auto e-claim link or contact your local claims centre.

Find your local claims centre here

Have you experienced a loss that has damaged your business, home and/or your belongings?

  • Take the necessary measures to protect your property from further damage
  • Call us to report the claim. We’ll need details of how and when the loss occurred
  • We’ll have the adjuster contact you

In the meantime, do what you can to prevent further loss to your property and to prevent subsequent injury to others as a result of the incident. If your property is damaged, you can prevent further damage by covering broken windows or securing broken doors. It’s your responsibility to keep your property safe and to prevent further damage.

DON’T throw anything away when you are cleaning up. Your adjuster will need to see all the items that were damaged in order to accurately adjust your loss. Your adjuster will advise you on how to go about getting estimates for repairs or replacements.

For afterhours claim service, call our office at 306-764-2233.

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