Camper Trailer Truck Hauling Recreation

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Trailer & Towing Tips

Camper Trailer Truck Hauling Recreation

Camping season is approaching and with it comes trailers on the roads heading for campsites and lakes.  If you have a cabin trailer, tent trailer, or boat trailer, or are considering purchasing a trailer, there may be some important details that you are not currently aware of.  Nothing will ruin your summer like a claim…Read More

Winter Safety Checklist


If you ever find yourself stranded in your vehicle during the harsh Saskatchewan winter, here are some tips to help keep you safe. -Prepare an emergency kit. Your emergency kit should contain: Shovel Blankets Snow brush Ice scraper Flashlight Batteries Flares Booster cables Candles and matches First Aid kit Food Water cup -Remain inside your…Read More

Ice Damming Prevention

Ice Dam

An ice dam is a piece of ice that forms along the edge of your roof.  It is caused when the warm attic causes snow to melt, run down the roof and refreeze on the cold edge of the roof.  Ice damming can also be caused by melting and freezing during unseasonably warm winter weather. …Read More

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